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Channel Drains, Catch Basins & Grates

Once you determine that a drainage system is needed, it will be determined what drainage method will be used to collect the runoff water efficiently.  In some places, water cannot simply be dumped on a street or sidewalk, but must be properly diverted into something you install. Some systems also need help directing the flow of water. This is where channel drains, catch basins, and grates are used in the design of the drainage system.

Catch Basins

A component of any good drainage systems, catch basins allow for water to easily be filtered down into the main component of a drainage system. Catch Basins are especially important to properties that experience debris fallout, such as leaves, trash, and small branches. None of these things should be allowed to flow down your drainage system as they can harm the inner components and even cause water backup. Catch Basins are used to not only catch this debris, but make it easier for water to flow directly away form problem areas of your property and directly into the drainage system.

Channel Drains

Similar to French Drains, Channel Drains are steel or concrete drains. They can be very subtle if installed correctly. They allow for water to be redirected quickly, making them great for people who may experience significant heavy rainfall throughout the year. If maintained properly,  Channel Drains can also have the durability and life of an industrial drainage system, making it great for those who want to install once and keep their system working for years to come. Channel Drains are perfect for use on tennis courts, walkways, driveways, garages, patios, and more.


With Channel Drains and Catch Basins it is important to use grating. Grates come in many sizes, shapes, and even colors to provide a sleek finish to your drainage system. They are meant to hide and protect your Catch Basin and can also be used as a standalone component to help keep debris like trash, sticks, and leaves from entering your drainage system.  These specialty grates are designed so no one will ever know you even have a drainage system!

These three components of drainage systems will help you drain your water correctly to divert it from your landscape beds, foundation, or lawn problem area. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced drainage specialists, call 817-914-8555.

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