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Lawn Drainage and Landscape Drainage Systems

In North Texas, it holds true that when we do experience rain, it will usually pour.  Rainfall measured in inches is common. Continuous rain over days and weeks contributes to standing water in your lawn and landscape beds, and presents the potential for flooding of your home.  Our experienced drainage technicians at Lone Star Sprinkler Solutions can design a drainage system that will minimize flooding and water damage to your property.

Porch-Drains---Su's-houseA properly functioning drainage system can help to:

  • Prevent your lawn from over watering
  • Give plants the correct amount of water, helping them flourish
  • Drain standing water which helps prevent against slippery surfaces
  • Help to prevent soil erosion
  • Protect mulched areas
  • Prevent damage to a home’s foundation
  • Stop mosquito infestation

These great benefits emphasize why every homeowner should invest in a drainage system, especially if a sprinkler system is already in use. Drainage systems paired with sprinkler systems can work together to help improve the health and look of any property.

When to Know If a Drainage System is Needed

Consider a Drainage system if:

  • There is standing water in one area of your property
  • Flower beds often look drowned after rainfall
  • There is erosion around the foundation of the home or outbuildings
  • The lawn looks swampy after heavy rainfall

Any of these signs indicates that water congregates too much in one area, and it needs to be more evenly dispersed throughout the property or to the street, which is the main purpose of a drainage system.

Our Assessment

There are general ways that we can help figure out what type of drainage system is best for your property and where to place it. In implementing your system, we will determine where water congregates most often, what path the water should take to drain, and then decide on what type of drainage system will be most useful for your property.

We at Lone Star Sprinkler Solutions are professionals who deal with a wide variety of drainage systems every day. We are experienced in the installation of French drains, channel drains and grates, catch basins and sump pumps. We will make sure your system works with your existing landscaping and soil type, and we will devise a plan that will help decrease the amount of water based problems you are experiencing on your property.

We are professionals who can install a drainage system in a timely, cost effective manner. We have only the best interests of your property, and your family’s well-being, in mind. Contact us today at 817-931-8555 to schedule an appointment to determine what drainage system is the best option for your property and to learn more about our process.

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