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Drip Irrigation

The best solution for water conservation, efficient application, and reducing your monthly water bill.

Drip irrigation provides for the three key elements that all homeowner’s should consider; water conservation, efficient application, and a reduction in your monthly water bill without compromising the aesthetics of your lawn and landscape beds. As most sprinkler heads deliver water at rates measured in gallons per minute, drip irrigation delivers water at rates of gallons per HOUR! In most cases, less than 1 gallon per hour. This slow release absorbs directly into the soil which makes it more readily available to the part of the plant that needs it most: the roots. Drip irrigation allows you to target certain areas with a precise amount of water. It is especially good for watering new plants and shrubs. Using coils of holed tubing, drip irrigation allows you to wind the tube around plants and shrubs, only watering the areas that have plant materials. Not only is this better for plants, but it saves water. Sprinklers tend to spray water in several directions and can even be displaced by the wind, reducing the amount of water applied to your lawn or landscape. This requires you to run your sprinkler system longer which wastes water and adds cost to your water bill.

Drip irrigation is not only good for your lawn and landscape, it is a proven method for keeping moisture in the soil around your foundation which prevents your slab from cracking. The clay soils of North Texas will contract during periods of heat in the summer, which allows the ground to shift and can potentially create cracking in your foundation that will show up in cracks in your interior and exterior walls. This is a costly repair that can easily be avoided with a professionally installed drip irrigation system designed by the specialists at Lone Star Sprinkler Solutions.

Why use drip irrigation?

  • Apply water directly to or near the plant’s root zone
  • Drip irrigation exceeds 90 percent efficiency whereas traditional sprinkler systems are 50 – 70 percent efficient.
  • Greater efficiency produces healthier plants
  • Reduces monthly water bills
  • Conserves water
  • Proven method to provide a homeowner’s foundation the necessary moisture to prevent costly slab repairs.

Our technicians at Lone Star Sprinkler Solutions are passionate about water conservation and highly recommend Drip Irrigation Systems for the various applications mentioned above. In time, the savings you realize monthly will pay for the cost of the installation.

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