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Emergency Sprinkler Repair and Shutoff

It’s easy to panic when your sprinkler system isn’t working properly. An improperly functioning sprinkler system can quickly turn your entire lawn into a swamp. Because of the damage done by water runoff, you should always immediately call a professional following a lawn sprinkler malfunction. While you wait, you might want to attempt a water shutoff so the situation doesn’t get any worse.

Check Your Timer

If your sprinkler system has turned itself on and will not shut off, it could be a timer issue rather than a physical problem. Go to your timer and make sure that it is properly set. Reset your timer to see whether the sprinkler system turns itself off. Timer issues can occur if there has recently been any disruption to your home’s electricity or electrical system.

Shut Off Your Water Supply

If adjustments to your sprinkler timer will not work, you will need to shut off your water supply. You can either shut off the water to your home or you can try to utilize the emergency shut off of your sprinkler. Shutting off your water to your home will require a water key; there is usually a small round grate next to the curb of your property that you can open to utilize it.

Emergency Shut Off

If you want to use the emergency shut off for your sprinkler, you can attempt to turn off the valves on your sprinkler system. These are usually located towards the back of your house, but it does depend on the type of sprinkler system you have. Usually these valves are located in visible pipes that descend into the ground.

If you can’t figure out how to turn off your sprinkler system, you should consult with a repair company over the phone. They should be able to guide you towards turning the water off until they arrive. Even after you have shut off the water, you will still need to deal with the flooding — which the sprinkler company can help with.

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