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French Drains


A French Drainage system is the perfect method to remove water from an area in the lawn that collects water or to remove excess water from landscape beds and your home foundation. French drains work by diverting the flow of water and redirecting it away from these problem areas. French drains are perfect for sloped yards, as the natural fall will allow the water to move throughout the system without the aid of a pump.

A French drain design

Once it has been determined where water is collecting in the yard, a trench is dug that is sloped away from the problem area, and a perforated piping is laid in the trench. Pea gravel is placed in the trench surrounding the pipe and then either grass or mulch is placed on top of the pea gravel. Surface water will seep underground and through the gravel into the perforated pipe which removes the excess water from the problem area. Depending on the location of the property, this excess water can be directed into the street, the lower part of the property, or even a drainage grate. This depends on where you live and the regulations; all of which will be researched before the drain system is installed.

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