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Sprinkler System Rerouting

Has your landscaping changed? Is it time for a new sprinkler system? Sprinkler system rerouting is the best way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your sprinkler system. You may need a sprinkler system rerouting if:

  • It’s time for an upgrade. If you want your current system upgraded, the equipment can be replaced while still retaining the existing structure of the system.
  • You’ve changed your landscaping. Different types of plants and landscaping require either more or less water. If you’ve placed bushes, flowers, or other items, you’ll need part of your sprinkler system adjusted.
  • New features have been installed. If you’ve placed features such as a swimming pool, above ground pool, or jacuzzi, you’ll need to reroute your sprinklers so they aren’t covering that area. Otherwise you will just be wasting water.
  • Your existing routing isn’t working. If you have dead patches of grass or soft spots in your yard, it’s likely that your existing routing isn’t providing the best coverage. This can happen for a variety of reasons and is usually fairly easily resolved.
  • Water damage is occurring. If your current routing is introducing too much water into your home’s yard and foundation, it could be causing permanent and costly water damage. This can be resolved through a simple rerouting of the system.
  • You’re using too much water. If you’re spending too much on water, you may need a more efficient sprinkler system — or your existing system may need to be routed for better coverage and efficiency. The routing of your sprinkler system can affect how much water is actually used and how much water is wasted.

Contact us today if you feel that rerouting is an ideal solution for your sprinkler system. We can schedule a consultation to determine whether your system needs any rerouting, upgrades, or repairs.

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